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Warranty Info..

Here's the deal in a nutshell guys.. I'm a hobbyist just like you.. I design and sell awesome 3D printed parts.. I work damn hard.. I believe in my products.. and I want to treat you the way I wan't like to be treated when I buy something..

So, for 3D printed parts that I design and sell I offer the following to the original purchaser..

If a part breaks within 45 days I will replace it.. For US orders I will pay shipping.. for International orders you will need to pay shipping..

If a part breaks after 45 days I can offer you replacement pieces at 50% off retail plus shipping. I think that policy is pretty fair..

To get a new piece you may need to send the broken piece back to me, but in most cases I just need to see some photos or a video showing me what is going on..

Now that I have explained all that I would like to say the following. My 3D printed parts almost never break. The reason they almost never break is because I make everything about 25-40% stronger than it really needs to be. Out of 1000's of sales in the past 2 years I have only had a couple people contact me needing replacement parts.. :)

Lastly, if anything else happens run it by me.. Maybe you lost something? Maybe you would like to purchase an extra thumb bolt or backrest piece? Whatever.. I am here to help and I am a pretty cool guy. Ask nice and get treated nice :)

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