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Tablet & Smartphone Adapters

Use these adapters with any of our mounts to easily mount a smartphone or tablet.

Tablet Adapter: 

See video below..
 Firm rubber clamps hold the tablet in position. Jaws open from 4-7/8 inches to 7-7/8 inches, and lock into position. The opening is large enough for most tablets on the market. Jaws are 5/8 inch deep, padded with rubber to prevent scratching  iPads 1 2 3, iPad Minis, Most Android Tablets fit fine..  NOTE: NEXUS 7 TABLET WILL NOT FIT HORIZONTALLY IT IS TOO SMALL..      UPDATE: I HAVE HOWEVER RECENTLY DEVELOPED SOME OPTIONAL SPACER CLIPS THAT MAKE IT FIT PERFECTLY.. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR INFORMATION ON THAT AS I HAVEN’T HAD TIME TO MAKE IT A PURCHASE OPTION ON THE SIT YET… ..
Smartphone Adapter

See video below.. 
This adjustable smartphone adapter allows you to attach a smartphone to any of our mounts. Firm rubber clamps hold the phone in position. (supports phone width of anywhere between 2 and 4 inches wide.. height of phone not relevant as it will sit in the mount horizontally) NOTE: current in stock units have a pink rubber piece at the top, not black as pictured.


(Domestic or International)

That being said, if you purchased a mount or mounts from us previously and want to purchase an adapter or adapters you need to Contact us 1st so we can give you a shipping quote. Please do not order an adapter without a mount without contacing us 1st. We only ship these adapters for free with a mount purchase.

ALSO NOTE: We only sell these adapters to customers that purchase mounts from us and there is a purchase limit of (1 of each adapter type) per mount purchased.. Meaning for every mount purchased you can purchase a smartphone adapter and a tablet adapter if you wish to.  The reason is because we don't make money on these adapters, we only sell them to add value to our mounts..

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  Please Note: To Purchase Please Go To Our New Web site..
  Please Note: To Purchase Please Go To Our New Web site..


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